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Orion Live celebrates the anniversary of METAL MATSURI with limited edition anniversary T-shirt.

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

3 October marked the one-year anniversary of METAL MATSURI. The event is still talked about as an epic event and will not soon be forgotten. To commemorate the event, Setsuzoku Records parent company Orion Live has issued a limited edition anniversary T-shirt featuring concept art from what would have been MMII!

That's right. There was a METAL MATSURI II in the works when the COVID-19 restrictions struck. Our graphic designer Pete Mitchell did a fantastic job reworking some of the branding for the event to create a new but familiar vibe. One of the ideas was a 'blood moon' logo. Though we don't know when or if another edition of this historic event will take place, Orion Live is proud to offer a commeorative shirt with that revamped logo.

These are limited edition and once they are gone - they are GONE!


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