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Mari Hamada completes historic 40th anniversary tour in Japan!

Japanese music legend and Japan's 'heavy metal queen' has completed her historic 40th anniversary tour supporting her latest epic album Soar (available in the UK, EU, and US via Psychomanteum Records). Photo:

The iconic star has no plans to slow down as she has expressed a hope to tour again in the future and put her efforts now into the anticipated INCLINATION IV ; the fourth installment of the artist's best-of series featuring remixed or re-recorded versions of songs with an installment dedicated to each decade of Mari's career. In addition, her lengthy catalog of live concert videos has been confirmed to finally be reissued on Blu-ray (available only in Japan). You can read more about Mari Hamada's spectacular 40th anniversary tour supporting Soar at For overseas fans, recent interviews looking at Mari's 40-year journey as well as in-depth conversation about Soar, her creative process, and approach to the music business are now available in English and in Dutch. Unijolt (English)


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